What is it about God, as a mercy redemptive gift, that captivates me and moves me to tears about the beauty of our God?

I’d like to share a portion of the lyrics of the song “Rooms” by Cody Carnes as they really capture my passion as a mercy redemptive gift to experience the Lord’s inexhaustible and endless beauty, for my longing to be in His presence, and to explore the mysteries of our God.

Verse one – “I want to go where I’ve never been.  I want to see your mysteries before my eyes.  I want to know the secrets that you know.  I want to hear the melodies of heaven.”

Chorus – “I’m after the rooms of your heart.  I’m after the rooms of your heart.  I’m after the rooms of your heart, that are waiting to be found.  You’re waiting to be found.

Verse 2 – “I want to move where Your Spirit moves.  I want to dive into the depths of who you are. Oh, I could search for 1000 years.  I would never reach the limits of your love.”

Chorus (repeat)

Bridge – “I’ll never stop chasing you.  I won’t relent in my pursuit (4x).”

Chorus (repeat)

Can you hear the passion and the longing to experience God’s endless mysteries in these words?  God’s love, beauty, and mysteries are like an endless, bottomless ocean waiting to be explored.  Oh, how I long to be immersed in all the new sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures of God’s beauty.  I want to be lost in His endless love – that is the deepest longing of my heart! Even the most beautiful places and experiences on earth will feel dull and drab in comparison.

“Call to me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know (Jeremiah 33:3).  Discovering and exploring the mysteries of who God really is – this is my greatest passion as a mercy redemptive gift.  My deepest longing is to be with the Lord face to face, and forever and ever and ever to get to explore his endless beauty and love.  And even more exciting is the fact that I will get to do this with the love of my life, my beautiful bride Shauna.

I have an intense yearning and ache in my heart for the beauty of heaven!  I have a deep, passionate longing to take many trips to heaven while still living here on earth.  I long to experience these NOW!!! Sometimes this ache in my heart for heaven is so strong it is hard for me to want to stay here in this broken world.  But I believe that God has given both Shauna and I, a calling to bring different facets of the beauty of God and the beauty of heaven down to earth.  And what will that End-time Goshen that we will be a part of building here on earth look and sound and feel like?  I imagine it will be a taste of paradise on earth.  Oh, I want that so badly!

My Bridegroom King Jesus is my all-consuming passion.  And the pursuit of the mysteries of God and His beauty is my destiny, both here on earth and forever in eternity.

God bless you abundantly,

Rob Ruckert

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