________, I call your spirit to attention to come forward in the name of Jesus of Nazareth.  I call your spirit to be active in this process of bringing healing to your brain, body, and soul.  True Lord God, please give _________ spirit the keys of revelation that will unlock complete healing in every area of his/her life.

I speak now to _________ body and declare that all fear, terror, trauma, shame, confusion, dread, grief, and hopeless despair be released and leave now in the name of Jesus Christ.  I degree that these toxic emotions be replaced by Your divine love in all varied expressions – joy that overflows, peace that subdues, patience that endures, kindness in action, a life full of goodness and virtue, faith that prevails, gentleness of heart, and the strength of spirit.  I speak healing to every system and part of ________ body from the crown of the head, down the spine, to the soles of the feet, and that the healing balm of Jesus Christ would be applied to every single cell within _________ to be repaired, restored, and to function at their full potential.

I declare to the Nucleus Accumbens, Basal Ganglia, and Thalamus, the attachment center of ________ brain, to no longer attach and respond to false forms of attachments and any addictive behaviors.  I speak to the Nucleus Accumbens to only attach to the True God in heaven and to other people in healthy ways that are life-giving and bring true joy, peace, and comfort – and that through these healthy attachments the brain’s pain centers would be diminished and the brain’s pleasure center would be activated according to God’s original template – that the right amount of dopamine would be released through the Nucleus Accumbens.

I speak to the Amygdala in _________ brain and command that all false alarms arousing fear, any triggers to fear and anxiety, and all hyper vigilance operating in and through the Amygdala would be shut off and silenced in the name of Jesus Christ.  I break off all inherited curses of infirmity related to defiled time, land, water, air, fire, birthright, and office in the name of Jesus Christ.  I call forth _________ true God-given discernment coming from the Holy Spirit and that _________ discernment would increase and grow day and night.  I ask that __________ Amygdala would be attached and connected properly to you Lord God through the Holy Spirit and that past defiled attachments and unhealthy bonds based on fear and control would be broken and severed with the Sword of the Spirit in Jesus’ name.

I declare to _________ right Cingulate Cortex to be completely healed in the name of Jesus Christ.  I command the Cingulate Cortex to grow and to be fully restored to the original blueprint in heaven, and that ________ would be able to perfectly synchronize with God and other people.

I speak to the Pre-frontal Cortex in ________ brain – that all damage to this part and its functioning would be fully repaired and healed in Jesus’ name and that all neurological pathways would be recreated according to the original design in heaven.  Lord, we ask that you increase, day and night, in the Pre-frontal Cortex of his/her brain, for ________ to experience the joy of the Lord and to be able to return to joy after experiencing painful emotions.

I declare to the right and left hemispheres of ________ brain that all past traumatic memories and emotions be healed, processed correctly, and synchronized in the name of Jesus Christ.  I decree that the neurological pathways between right and left hemispheres that have been destroyed be recreated so that right and left hemispheres are in perfect synchronization with heaven’s design.

Finally, I command that any remaining doors within ________ that would open him/her up to trauma and infirmity again would now be shut, locked, and sealed with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I decree that all Godly gates within ________ that have been shut down would now be opened so that the King of Glory may come in.  I also break off all evil tones, vibrations, frequencies, and colors within _________ and declare that _________ be realigned with the frequencies, vibrations, tones, and colors of the One True God in heaven.  I ask that ________ be removed from any place or position of exposure to the enemy, day and night, and that You would hide _________ under the shadow of Your wings, in the secret place of the Most High.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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