We call our spirits forward in the name of Jesus Christ to partner with Holy Spirit to help create a work of God’s artistry and beauty in our covenant of marriage together.

Specifically, we call the Mercy portion of our spirits to bring alignment and the manifest presence of the living God and His glory into the intimate places of our marriage – spirit, soul, body and heart.  We bless the foundations of our marriage to be built upon Jesus Christ, the Chief Cornerstone.  From that foundation, we bless the atmosphere of our union, where the two will become one flesh, with the presence of Jesus the Bridegroom King and His bridal love.  Immerse us, day and night, coming to us as Jehovah-Rapha, Jehovah-Makadesh, Jehovah-Sabboath, El-Gibhor, Flowing Oil (Song of Solomon 1:3), My Beloved (Song of Solomon 5:10), and Our Paradise Garden (Song of Solomon 4:16).

Lord, would you now release Your voice to remove any defilement and barriers that get in the way of us experiencing being swept up into Your divine romance of intimate love.  Would You realign and connect us with the frequencies, vibrations, sounds, worship, tones, and colors of the Kingdom of Heaven and the One True God.

Jesus, Our Beloved, reach in and unlock our hearts, to the core of our very being, that we may tremble at your touch.  Oh, how our souls melt when You speak to us.  May our spirits awaken and arise to more of Your touch.  Lord, as we surrender to You, let us begin to sense your fragrance – the fragrance of Your suffering love.  Most sweet are Your kisses and whispers of Your love.  Fill us Lord with Your holy desire.

Lord, would You create a garden within our oneness covered by Your canopy of protection mingled with Holy Fire, and deploy the angelic warriors standing ready with swords to defend and reinforce it.

Lord, we request that in the secret place within the Bridegroom King’s chamber, will You fill it with the sweet fragrance of the Rose of Sharon, the blossoming lilies, the fragrance of apple orchards, balconies of pleasant-smelling pines and the perfumes of heaven.  In the garden Lord we will feast on Your refreshing apples with sacred cinnamon, pomegranates, and the sweet taste of honeycombs.  Revive us Lord with Your raisin cakes as we long to drink deeply of Your finest, shimmering wine that will intoxicate us with Your undying love.  Create within us a private, beautiful paradise garden with a secret spring of living water sprouting forth fruit from the King’s vineyard.  Lord, lead us to our resting place, glistening in golden amber, and ruby orange leaves bathed in sparkling colorful lights.  We hear the cooing of doves in our secret forest, filling the air with songs.  We look up to see the hidden stairway in the sky – our Majestic Bridegroom King, singing our love song with His heavenly choir.  We will dance to our song on the mountains of fragrance spice, rejoicing as we are united as one!

We declare Your blessing of promise over our love – Yahweh will kneel before us presenting gifts, and He will guard us with a hedge of protection.  Yahweh will illuminate the wholeness of His being towards us, bringing order, and He will provide us with love, sustenance, and friendship.  Yahweh will lift up the wholeness of His being and look upon us, and He will set in place all we need to be whole and complete.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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